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Finding a Purpose at Grace

Dokrak poses in front of Grace International School sign

Was there ever a point in your life where you simply let the days go by without a purpose? This was how Dokrak had lived his life before coming to know God at Grace International School. It all started when Den, Grace’s Senior Facilities Logistic Coordinator as well as Dokrak’s cousin, invited him to come work at the school. He entered as a security guard in 2010 before moving to work in Facilities later on, eventually becoming Maintenance Supervisor. The majority of blue-collar workers at Grace come from non-Christian families and many of them have come to hear about God for the first time at Grace through worship and hearing testimonies during All Thai Staff Meetings and the annual Thai Christmas Party.

Dokrak also met Elementary Teacher Amy Blair who began to pray with him and teach him more about the Bible. This eventually led his son to start attending church with Amy and later, Dokrak went with his wife. Dokrak said that ever since coming to Grace, he has come to encounter God in many ways, especially through how God has been guiding his son through his studies and problems that have arised at school. Dokrak is confident that his son is walking a righteous path because of God’s presence not just in his son’s life but also in his own life as well as he continuously prays for his son. He says, “Before coming to know God, I would work, eat, and sleep without a sense of purpose. I was wasting away my life essentially doing nothing. But now, I have a new focus on life and can see things from a different perspective thanks to Jesus. I’m thankful for the community at church and the warmth of prayers that I have received. Church has become my family—just how Grace is like family to me. I am very thankful for being able to serve here.”

It is because of Grace that non-believers such as Dokrak are able to come to know Jesus. Even though the mission of Grace is to serve the children of international Christian workers, the school also aims to be a light that reaches people from the inside out so that both the surrounding community as well as our very own students and staff may see the light of Christ.