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Helping the Vulnerable

The Campbells family photo

Did you know that Thailand is among the countries with the highest number of stateless people in the world? There are over half a million stateless people in Thailand who, because of their status, receive no support from the government and have no access to education, welfare, or healthcare. There are also a large number of vulnerable people in Thailand who are struggling to meet their day-to-day needs. Non-profit organizations like ADRA work with these people to provide them with help and support. GIS parents Quentin and Kelly Campbell work with ADRA to serve the needs of this population.

The Campbells have been working in missions for almost twenty years and have lived in multiple countries in Southeast Asia as well as Australia. “We have always been open to going wherever God leads us,” says Kelly. “It’s about having a greater meaning behind what you do day-to-day.” Following God’s calling, they found themselves moving to Thailand in 2021 to serve on multiple projects with ADRA. They are part of various projects in Northern Thailand and around the Thai-Myanmar border that aim to support vulnerable people groups. This is done by providing education resources and vocational training to refugees, aiding in the legalization process for the stateless, protecting the rights of migrant workers, and rescuing girls who were victims of prostitution and human trafficking. The Campbells have seen many lives touched by these programs, from girls being saved after their parents sold them into prostitution to the case of a boy being provided a scholarship, housing, and other forms of support after being abandoned by his parents.

With so many things to focus on in their ministry, the Campbells are grateful that Grace International School exists to take the weight of their children’s education off their shoulders. “There are already so many things to worry about when you live overseas. GIS allows us to focus on our ministry without having to worry about our children because we know that they are in good hands. The academic and sports programs are strong, and we love the spiritual focus of the school,” says Quentin. Kelly adds, “There is such a positive culture at the school, and we appreciate how the leaders ask for feedback from the community on various topics.”

Grace International exists to provide quality and affordable biblically integrated education to the children of international Christian workers like the Campbells so that they can focus on God’s calling for their lives.