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Joyful Singing

Grace students do an outreach at a hospital

In January 2020, Grace International School’s middle school choir returned to perform at McKean Hospital; a rehabilitation and retirement home in Chiang Mai. The hospital staff and patients welcomed them with open arms. The students’ music and warm smiles lifted the spirits of everyone in attendance. They sang a variety of songs including “Father I Adore You” and “Surrounded by Love.”

Performing Arts Teacher Galen Kauffman is proud of his students, saying that for many of them, this was their first time singing in a choir. The students gave it their all and made sure to politely ‘wai’ (Thai greeting of respect) the hospital staff and patients.

Grace student, Hayley, shares, “There was this one lady in a bed and she clapped along to every single song. One lady I talked to was just so happy and joyful. It made me so happy to see others happy and to know that I could be a blessing to them. God has given us gifts to bless others in song, in word, in drawing and in writing. This was the first time that I have ever wanted to use my gift of singing for His glory.”

Another student, Chole, says “It was fun to see the bright, smiling faces of the patients! God taught me through the experience that small things such as singing brings so much joy to so many people! I would definitely want to do it again just to make someone’s day!”

Galen reflects, “In education we are often focused on performing. A visit like this helps students to better understand how music can be a powerful ministry tool in God’s Kingdom.”

Because Grace International School is equipping their students to serve in different ways, the patients at McKean Hospital had their spirits lifted by joyful singing and the students learned to use the gifts God gave them.