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Meeting Families Where They Are

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“How much of my children’s education do I have to sacrifice in order to respond to God’s call to the mission field?” That is a heavy question that many international Christian workers have to ask themselves. Depending on the answer to this question, it can put an end to a family’s work in ministry. 

Gracy Bondy knows this all too well because she has spent years homeschooling her children while responding to God’s call to work with orphans and families who are raising children with disabilities in Asia. Now, she is serving as Grace International School’s Home and Distance Education (HDE) Director. In order to meet GIS’s mission of enabling international Christian workers to remain abroad due to the educational and spiritual needs of their children being met, HDE provides education support and access to learning materials to families in remote areas who are educating their children at home.

Due to her own experience, Gracy is passionate about doing whatever it takes to provide effective educational solutions for families serving overseas. During the 2021-2022 school year, Gracy and her HDE admin assistant, Fon, traveled around Thailand to six different provinces to meet with seven different families who are homeschooling their children in order to directly hear from them about how GIS can better meet their needs. God is working in amazing ways through these families and their ministries, including church planting, evangelism, and Bible translation. These ministries cannot exist if these families of international Christian workers had to leave the field due to the lack of adequate educational options for their children. This is why GIS aims to grow and expand its HDE services in the coming years.

 “I know what it’s like to be in a remote location and to be in isolation without access to services that are crucial to homeschooling your kids well,” Gracy says. “In my last season before coming to Grace, I was really crying to the Lord for guidance and wisdom. David and I prayed a lot about what would be best for our children. Little did I know that I would be serving families who are experiencing the same thing we were. I’m so grateful for GIS and the HDE team, and pray that by His grace and strength, we are able to be an answer to many people’s prayers.” 

It is because of the GIS HDE department and its passionate director, Gracy, that international Christian workers are able to shine the light of Jesus in Southeast Asia due to the educational needs of their children being met right where they are.