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Relationships are the Foundation

The Janzens family photo

Are we making an effort in our everyday lives to connect with the people around us and build our relationships with them? Relationships are the foundation, no matter where we are and what area we serve in. When you leave any place or job, what remains are the people.

This is the view that Grace International School Parents Jeremy and Jennifer Janzen have towards their work. “When we served in Africa, we learned that relationships are the only way to realize a vision. Relationships are fostered by learning, listening, and connecting,” says Jeremy. 

After serving in Kenya and returning to their home country of Canada, the Lord once again put overseas work on their hearts. He led them to Southeast Asia, where the Janzen are regional representatives of their organization. Their primary job is to lead and care for a team of families serving in four different countries. They come alongside the families to help them thrive on the field. They are also involved in work other than leading the team, with Jeremy doing leadership development and Jennifer working with women in the red-light district. With her background in nursing, Jennifer works with a center where they educate women on healthcare and other life skills to give them further options and hope.

Grace International School is an essential support for the Janzen family as they continue to base their lives and work on the foundation of relationships. “We recognize as parents that we are not enough for our kids,” says Jeremy. “One of the reasons we moved to Chiang Mai was because of GIS. It means a lot to us that the GIS teachers, staff, and student body cares for our kids, giving them a sense of belonging and community that we can’t give them on our own.” 

Because Grace International School invests in their children’s lives, the Janzens can live out God’s calling in Thailand—transforming lives through building relationships with other international Christian workers and the local community.