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The Bible Project Thai

The BibleProject Thai Project Manger, Tom Foitong

Many of you may know of or have heard about the BibleProject. In 2014, Tim Mackie and Jon Collins started the BibleProject to present complex Biblical themes in a real, unapologetic, but approachable way through visual storytelling. Less than ten years later, the BibleProject has 180 videos and 350 podcast episodes on its website, the BibleProject app, and YouTube. They have over 620 million views across all their media channels in over 200 countries and over 5 million subscribers worldwide. 

But did you know that there’s a BibleProject Thai?

Did you also know that one of Grace International School’s staff members is the Project Manager of the BibleProject Thai? 

GIS Communications Coordinator Tom Foitong joined the BibleProject in 2020 as an animator, and is now the Project Manager, leading the team in Chiang Mai. After the Thai Team receives the raw files of the English version, they translate the script and do the voiceover. Not only that, but they must recreate all of the fonts in Thai by hand. Tom handwrites all of the words in the videos! The team then has to retime the animation with the new script and redraw some existing animation to fit the new fonts and to resonate with the target audience culturally. 

“The Thai translation of the Bible uses high-level language, such as royal words that you would only use when talking about the royal family. It’s hard to understand even for a Thai person like me,” explains Tom. “But the BibleProject allows Thai people, including new believers and those who have never read the Bible before, to understand the Bible more easily through everyday language and eye-catching illustrations. Many people tell us how the BibleProject Thai has changed their spiritual walk with God.”

The BibleProject Thai was around eighty percent complete at the end of 2022, but new content released in English has changed this number. The team continuously raises funds to provide as many BibleProject resources to Thais as they can.

GIS partners with numerous ministry partners from over ninety mission organizations, working in various ministries worldwide. Many GIS staff, including Tom, do ministry outside their full-time job. “I worked full-time with the BibleProject at first, but we lost most of our funding when COVID-19 hit and because most of the funds were delegated to the BibleProject in other languages. We could barely raise support, and I could no longer receive a salary through the BibleProject. This put me in a difficult spot because I had my wife and son to think about,” says Tom. “Then God led me to GIS. Now, I can serve at GIS while receiving a salary to support my family, which allows me to work on the BibleProject as a volunteer.”

Ministries such as the BibleProject impact the world for Christ, and through different means, GIS exists to enable international Christian workers to respond to God’s calling.

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