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The Movement of the Gospel in Myanmar

The Humphrey Family

What can be accomplished in three months? 

In three months, over 30,000 unreached people can hear the Gospel for the first time, people in over thirty-five unreached villages can come to Christ, and hundreds of Buddhist-background people can be baptized. 

In the three months following Category 5 Cyclone Mocha’s devastation in the Rakhine state of Myanmar, the Golden Shores Initiative—a collaboration between different mission organizations with the purpose of accelerating the Gospel in Myanmar—trained and sent over twenty local Myanmar teams to provide trauma healing and distribute financial aid for food and shelter to those impacted when international world aid organizations had difficulties doing so due to the political environment. “The reason we could more effectively and broadly reach people is because we had both grassroots and global connections,” explains Grace International School parent John Humphrey, who works with Golden Shores. “We were able to work with local churches to train and send indigenous Myanmar teams to reach their own people. We are seeing God doing amazing things in what is historically one of the hardest to reach regions.” John recalls a story where a lady who had been mute for twenty-five years was prayed for by a team member delivering aid. One week later, she showed up to church with her whole family to accept Jesus and be baptized because she could now speak!

“So many miracles have happened, and the reality is that we only played a small part in them,” says John. “Our job is simply to be a bridge connecting the right people in Myanmar with global resources and provide organization and structure. God and the body of Christ do the heavy lifting.” Stepping up to be an on-the-ground representative for Golden Shores in 2021, John has seen firsthand how connections and relationships are crucial to accelerating the Gospel and meeting the needs of people. Through the partnership with local churches, Golden Shores has been able to begin the process of tackling the massive need for trauma healing, as there is not a single person in Myanmar who has not experienced trauma. By providing different groups with trauma-healing resources, trauma-healing small groups are now expanding throughout the nation. With the Myanmar people being so hungry for Christ, there are over 10,000 new believers without access to a Bible in their language. Golden Shores is working with Bible translators to translate the Bible into indigenous languages and has distributed over 38,000 Bibles this last year. There are so many more stories of what is happening in Myanmar!

Grace International School supports parents like the Humphreys who are God’s hands and feet to the unreached. John says, “My four kids are having a fantastic experience at GIS. As our kids got older, homeschooling became difficult. We are thankful not just for the quality Christian education our kids get at GIS but also for a safe place where they can form relationships and develop socially. Being part of the GIS community has been a wonderful experience for our family and has allowed us to focus on our ministry in Myanmar.”