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The True Meaning of Christmas

A group of monks hanging out with Grace student

Every year, secondary students at Grace International School spend a day serving and sharing the Gospel to children at Thai schools. For 7th graders, this is their first time to experience Ministry Day! In December 2019, the 7th Grade class served at a school attached to a Buddhist temple located just minutes from Grace’s campus. What makes this school different from most is that some of the students are Buddhist monks. It is common for Buddhist men in Thailand to become monks for a period of time in order to earn good merit. This could be at any age and for any period of time ranging from a couple of days to years. 

The Grace students performed a Christmas skit as the Thai students and monks watched the birth of Jesus unfold in front of them. One of the Grace students shared about how God was working in her life. Through games, crafts, and activities, the children were shown God’s love. The Thai children learned the different Biblical words in English, made friendship bracelets, and played fun games such as chairball and UNO. Despite the language, cultural, and religious barriers between them, warm smiles and laughter were exchanged. 

 One student, Caleb, said, “My most memorable moments were when the Thai monks interacted and had fun with us. I saw how God worked in the Thai kids when I shared about Christ with them. They opened up and I saw them learn so much more about Christmas.” Another student, Elena, added, “I saw God working in our midst as we were talking about the birth of Jesus Christ. We were serving Him and sharing His Gospel. I can’t wait until next year’s Ministry Day!”

Because of Grace’s mission of equipping students to influence the world for Christ, students such as Caleb and Elena are given opportunities to share Christ’s love at a local Thai school.