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Transforming Communities

A Grace family takes a photo with their team during an outreach

“The amazing thing about the Gospel is that it has something for everyone. It gives hope to the hopeless and changes the heart of the oppressors. My team and I are excited to be a part of what God is doing in Asia and seeing the Gospel impacting various communities,” says Grace International School parent Aaron Smith. He is the co-founder of Venture, an organization that raises money for humanitarian mission projects through running, biking, and hiking events. 

Twelve years ago, Aaron started a foundation in Thailand that did after-school programs teaching English and sharing the Gospel. This foundation eventually became the international office of Ventures. The organization does ministry in church planting, anti-human trafficking, food security, education, and community development in countries such as Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, and Laos. They do this by working with local Christian leaders to make a difference in areas that are the least-reached and least-resourced.

Aaron specifically works with his media team in creating online content. They give a platform and voice to people experiencing injustice who’s stories would otherwise go untold. These stories of transformation through Jesus challenges people in the US to change and be a part of what God is doing around the world. Aaron and his team also work with local Christian leaders to create teachings in less prevalent languages so that the Gospel may reach a variety of people groups in Asia. Not only that, but Aaron’s wife, Krista, also teaches at a local community center and works with girls at a juvenile center. 

“Krista grew up in a family of international Christian workers who did church planting in Thailand, so we always talked about the both of us moving to Asia for full-time ministry. She and I both have a heart for Asia because we saw great spiritual and physical needs in Asia. Aaron explains. “That’s why we are so thankful to GIS for giving our children a quality education, great sports programs, and teachers who encourage them to grow in their walk with God. It is because of GIS that Krista and I can focus on doing what God has called us to do—transforming communities through the power of the Gospel.”