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Work as Worship

The Kaeb family

For many people in the business world, work and ministry are separate spheres, but should they be? We should change our mindset to one that sees “work as worship”—realizing that since we spend most of our time at work, our workplace is a mission field for us to serve full-time. Grace International School Parents Matt and Kait Kaeb run their business in Thailand with this mindset while doing their best to follow biblical principles and aiming for the triple bottom line: financial sustainability, spiritual transformation, and social impact. 

Matt and Kait are co-owners of Expat Homes, along with Evan and Emily McCall (also a GIS family). Expat Homes is a house finding, property management, and home maintenance service that exists to give a light to all those they serve. Matt explains, “We don’t want our service to stop at just the transaction. From our staff to the landlords or the foreign renters we serve, we seek to see every touch point with any client as an opportunity to shine a light and develop authentic relationships.”

For Matt and Kait, one of their greatest joys is seeing their Christian staff catch the vision that they are a “minister of the Gospel” in their daily 9-5 job. They recall a time when one of their staff printed out an invoice instead of sending it to their client by email so that they could hand the physical copy to the client face-to-face at their place and have a conversation about Jesus, as the two have established a good relationship through doing business together. 

One of the reasons that made moving to Chiang Mai more seamless and possible as a family with four children is GIS,” says Kaityln. “Matt grew up in an entrepreneurial Christian family and, therefore, is passionate about seeing business as a tool to make an impact on lives and create opportunities to serve other individuals and organizations. “When we looked at opportunities that would combine both of our passions, we landed on moving to Chiang Mai because we knew that our kids would have access to a school that had high academic standards while, at the same time, challenging and encouraging our kids in their faith journey. This has been a huge blessing to us.” Matt adds, “ When Expat Homes started about nine years ago, those in the GIS community and the school administration were the first supporters. We are extremely grateful for our long-standing partnership with GIS, both personally with our children’s education and with Expat Homes.”

Grace International School enables international Christian workers to serve by providing their children with a high-quality and affordable education from a biblical worldview and cultivating a diverse community that partners and cares for one another. GIS enables families like the Kaebs to have an excellent schooling option for their children so they can focus on the work the Lord has called them – being a light of Christ to the Thai and expat communities in Chiang Mai.