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Weekly Roar | Week of January 30, 2023


23/24 Admissions Season

The first step to enroll a new student into GIS is to email We give priority placement to siblings of current GIS students. Please send an inquiry to the Admissions Office at the beginning of February to start the process.  We are currently only processing 23/24 Kindergarten students. We will process other grades starting in February.

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Community Conversation with the Superintendent –February 2, 2023

I would like to extend an invitation to you, parents, to join me in this community forum to give you an update on the school, address school-wide topics, and answer questions from you on

  • Thursday, February 2, 2023 @ 2:00 – 3:30 pm
    A230, 2nd Floor, Admin Building

Please RSVP by clicking this LINK.

If you have specific, school-wide questions you would like the leadership to address, you may share them ahead of time on the RSVP form (in the above link).

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Vaccination Clinic/Sign-ups

The vaccination Clinic is happening on January 24th in the Nurse’s office.  If you have signed up please reminder to come by between 3.15 – 4.00 pm.  Elementary students will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

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Delivery and Drop Off Reminders

  • If a student forgets something (backpack, instrument, PE/sports clothing, etc.), parents/guardians may physically bring something into the Elementary or Secondary Offices to leave for their child. Please DO NOT drop off or leave items at the Guard House.
  • No student or parent can order deliveries to campus (including Grab / Grab Express / Tuk / PandaExpress / MealsOnWheels / 7-11 / Lineman) during school hours (7:45 am-3:15 pm)
  • GIS Guards are not responsible for overseeing items being delivered to students “from” parents/guardians by a delivery service, due to security reasons and their work responsibilities.

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Parenting Class for Chinese Families

GIS is supporting “The Parenting Children Course” in Mandarin Chinese to help equip and support parents in building healthy families. This 10-week course will meet from 1:30 p.m. to 3:10 p.m. on Wednesdays, starting February 8, 2023 at GIS. It is based on biblical principles and is open to all Mandarin-speaking parents of GIS students. We warmly welcome you to attend!

Session topics include:

  • Building strong foundations
  • Meeting our children’s needs
  • Setting boundaries
  • Teaching healthy relationships
  • Our long-term aim

Cost: 150 baht per workbook (each parent needs to buy one)

Please register using this link: Registration closes next Monday, February 6!

If you have questions, please contact Angie Hunemuller at Line ID: angie.hunemuller

GIS 要提供中文的 “儿童亲子教育课程”,帮助装备和支持父母建立更健康的家庭。这十周的课程 2 月 8 日开始,每周三下午 1:30 到 3:10 在 GIS 举行。这门课是基于圣经的原则。我们热烈的欢迎所有说普通话的GIS家长参与!


– 建立稳固的根基 

– 满足儿女的需要

– 为儿女立界线

– 教导健康的人际关系



请使用此链接注册:。 请在下周一(2月6日)之前报名!

如果需要更多信息的话, 请联系 彭恩齐, Line ID: angie.hunemuller

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2023-24 Student Re-enrollment

A reminder to parents about the medical requirements deadline will be on January 31, 2023. Please contact the school nurse if you have any questions or concerns.

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Medication at school

All medication must be stored in the nurse’s office, this includes over-the-counter medications as well. There is an exception for rescue inhalers, epinephrine auto-injectors, and diabetic supplies for secondary students but this needs to be communicated to the nurse’s office. If your students need to take medication at school, please provide that medication to the nurse’s office. Please see for more instructions here: Medication Policy

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Student health awareness

We have seen more students who have been sick with seasonal common cold symptoms or digestive system illnesses come to the nurse’s office.  Please ​​keep any children that are sick at home. Attendance Policy related to illness

To help ​stop ​the spread of the germs, please ​encourage your children to have ​proper hand hygiene by washing with soap and water or hand sanitizer, wearing a mask when they are feeling unwell, and seeing the physician as needed.

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Opportunities for School Aides

If you’d like to volunteer at GIS, we have a place for you! Our current need is a Librarian School Aide to help at the library (minimum once a week, for 2-3 hours). Skills: English, Basic computer. Please contact the HR Office (School Aide Coordinator) for more information.

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Listen to our latest Podcast - Media Club

Want to know what creative projects students are doing in the Media Club? We have Yam, who is leading the club, with us on this podcast to share some of the projects students have done. Check out the podcast here:

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3rd - 6th Grade After School Clubs

After School Clubs for 3rd – 6th graders will begin on Wednesday, February 1 at 3:30.  If your child was chosen to be a member of one of the after school clubs, you should have received an email last week.  Club members have also been posted in the atrium.

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Opportunities for School Aides/Substitutes

If you’d like to volunteer in elementary, we have a place for you. Our current needs are substitute teachers and someone to help during our 1st – 3rd-grade lunchtime in the cafeteria.  Please contact the office if you’d like more information.

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Birthday Treats

Birthday treats will no longer be allowed in the lunchroom. If you’d like to share birthday treats with your child’s class, please coordinate with their teacher and plan to bring them in time for their afternoon recess time.

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Planned Absence Request/Late Arrivals

If your child(ren) will be absent from school for more than two days, please submit a Planned Absence Request Form.  If your child(ren) are going to be arriving late to school (after 8:15 Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri and after 9:45 on Wed), a parent or responsible adult must sign them in at the elementary office before going to their classroom.

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Dress Code Reminder

With cool season upon us, we have noticed all sorts of pants/shorts/leggings being worn to school.  Please remember that all uniform bottoms need to be uniform style and fabric.  Sweat pants are permitted on PE days during the cool season and leggings, if worn, should be under shorts/skirts.   Navy blue or khaki is the only approved color for uniform shorts, pants, skirts.  You can find a more detailed description of our dress code policy in the elementary PSMO or on the Tiger Shop webpage.

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Middle school


What is a Ceilidh Dance?  A Ceilidh Dance is for everyone! 
Who is invited? Current 5th, 6th and 7th graders and their families (siblings 3rd grade & above) 
When and Where? Saturday, February 11 @ 6:30-8:00 pm in the GIS Cafeteria

  • To widen the students cultural awareness and experiences
  • To allow the newly formed middle school students and families to gather together 
  • To kick off International Week

Please RSVP here.  Contact Claire Brodie at for more information. (Plan to wear clothes that are comfortable to exercise in – kilts not required, but encouraged)

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College Visit from Biola University, USA

  • Biola University (Virtual Visit)
  • Friday, February 3 from 11:45 am – 12:15 pm
  • Bring your lunch into Classroom S120
  • All Grade 9-12 students are invited!

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Dress Code

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Planned Absences

  • Upcoming Mission Organization Conference? ACSC Tournament? Visiting family?
  • Missing more than 2+ days as a planned absence…
  • Print and fill out our Planned Absence Request Form (students can also pick this up in the Secondary Office)

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Academic Plan Meetings for Secondary Students: February and March

  • Students in grades 11, 10, 9, and 8 will be called in to visit with their academic counselor about post-high school goals, future academic plans, and classes that should be taken next school year to meet these goals and to ensure graduation from GIS. 
  • A proposed schedule of classes will be created and recorded on the student’s 4-year Academic Plan document in Classroom (ask your student to see this). 
  • It is highly recommended that students and parents refer to this Plan when choosing classes for the 2023-2024 school year. 
  • FamilyWeb course selection will open in the later part of April.

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Mark your Calendars with these Upcoming Secondary Dates

  • February 3 Biola University Virtual Visit
  • February 4-6 Family Home Weekend, Sports Leadership 2 Trip
  • February 7 Eligibility Grade Check
  • February 10 Art Chapel
  • February 13-17 Tiger Pride Week (International Week)


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This week in Athletics

If you haven’t already, and you have a 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th grader interested, be sure to sign up for rec league basketball!! Form closes on Feb. 6th.

For more information about Rec League, visit our website:

Monday, Jan. 30
⚽️ U14 Girls vs. Mom’s @ Grace 4:00 pm

Tuesday, Jan. 31
🏀 V. Boys Basketball vs. Jai Rak @ Grace 5:00 pm
🏀 V. Girls Basketball vs. Faculty of Humanities CMU @ Grace 6:00 pm
🌯 Border Run will be available for dinner

Wednesday, Feb. 1
🏃🏼🏃🏻‍♀️ CMAC XC Meet @ APIS Secondary 3:45 pm

Thursday, Feb. 2
⚽️ U8/U10 CMAC Soccer Tournament #2 @ GIS 3:45 pm
🏀 JV Boys Basketball vs. ABS @ ABS 4:30 pm
🍔 Genesis Cafe will be selling burgers, wraps and smoothies!

Friday, Feb. 3
🏀 JV Girls Basketball vs. Xinseng @ Xinseng 4:30 pm

For more information, please visit our website

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