What You Need To Know Before You Begin

  • Due to Thai Immigration rules, GIS does not grant visas for visitors or short-term school aides and does not permit anyone to serve who is in Thailand on a Tourist or Retirement Visa.
  • The school aide application process was designed with the safety and welfare of our students in mind. Therefore, it is required that all school aides have a background check on file with the School Aide Coordinator. We also encourage only GIS family members, GIS Alumni, and those who already have a relationship with someone in the GIS community to become school aides for the safety of our students.
  • School aides are expected to be where they are assigned unless notified by their supervisor.
  • For security reasons, all school aides must wear their badges while on duty.
  • The application process can be very quick if you already have a background check that you can email to the School Aide Coordinator and if your references reply promptly.
  • If you have already completed steps 1–6 last year, you only have to make sure that “Step 2: Complete Assignment Form” is completed to obtain a current badge.

What The School Aide Coordinator Will Do

  • Contact Your References. Once the School Aide Coordinator has received your application, he/she will contact your references. Please encourage your references to reply promptly as we will not be able to give you a place to serve or an ID badge until your references have responded.
  • Help with Your Background Check. If you don’t have one already, the School Aide Coordinator will help you obtain a U.S. background check (for U.S. citizens only) or a Thai background check (if applicable, see instructions on the application). If you are not eligible for a U.S. or Thai background check, you must obtain one yourself from your home country.
  • Make your School Aide Badge and Inform You of Where To Pick It Up. You will receive an email from the School Aide Coordinator informing you of where and when to pick up your ID badge after you have steps 1–6 complete.

What Your GIS School Aide Supervisor Will Do

  • Give you permission to serve in their department (see information about Assignment Forms in Step 2 below)
  • Provide training for you if applicable for your position
  • Make an agreement with you about the hours/days that you will serve. Any changes to your school aide schedule should be discussed with your supervisor, not the School Aide Coordinator.



  • Have a GIS supervisor complete an Assignment Form and give it to the School Aide Coordinator.
  • If you need a school aide assignment, please email the School Aide Coordinator at, and she will help you find an assignment. Your GIS supervisor will then fill out a school aide assignment form, provided by your department. Your supervisor will then turn it into the School Aide Coordinator.



  • Complete the GIS School Aide Application



  • Do a background check. If you have a copy of a recent background check email it to
  • If you don’t have a background check, the School Aide Coordinator can help you obtain a U.S. background check or a Thai background check. 



  • Read –  School Aide Handbook 
  • Fill Out – GIS School Aide Health Form
  • Watch  – Student Safety Training Video 
  • Watch  – CPR and GIS Campus Health Procedure



  • Collect your School Aide Badge


If you have any questions about the application process, please email the School Aide Coordinator at