GIS is committed to educating both the minds and the hearts of our students. We believe athletics, for many, is one of the best ways to build into that education and bring glory to our Creator at the same time. When done well, the results are students who, after graduation, go on to impact those around them. We have had the privilege of seeing numerous graduates of GIS invest their lives into full-time ministry, and many have returned to the mission field. 

Our athletic program serves students in grades 2–12. During this time, we are able to teach them not only how to be successful and disciplined, but also how to deal with failure. Athletics, in a tangible way, reveals and develops a person’s character by bringing out both the best and worst in them. As called staff, it is our privilege to mentor students in an effort to grow the next generation of faithful leaders. We are true believers in multiplication.

As our students develop their character, they have the chance to invest in others through very practical ways on and off the field. We are not only inward-focused, but we provide a number of ministry opportunities for our athletes throughout Southeast Asia. Part of our vision from inception was to leverage athletics as a way to share God’s redemptive story.


At GIS, many of our students have exposure to godly examples in their home and classroom, but what about on the field? Our coaching staff are dedicated to mentoring and discipling students on and off the field. We are committed to shaping a coaching program where we are not only investing into our students but one another as well. 

We believe that as our coaches develop personally, they will naturally transfer their knowledge and passion onto their students. Our students can then influence those around them for the better. This idea of multiplication, where each generation of leaders trains the next, is not a new concept, but it plays out powerfully each day on our campus.


Our athletic program consists of academic classes, physical education, and sports team participation. Our students have the opportunity to compete with both Thai and other international schools, exposing them to a wide array of cultures and skill levels. We continue to add more sports as our campus expands and additional facilities are made available.


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Student playing basketball
Student playing soccer
Student playing volleyball


To be an influential leader, you must be developed and then tested. A cornerstone of our athletics program is leadership development through Sports Leadership 1 and 2. We seek to develop students with strong leadership skills whose foundation is biblical, not worldly in nature, and who strive to serve those around them regardless of race or religion. This takes years to develop, so we begin to lay the groundwork in our elementary students and youth athletic program, and then build on that at the high school level to strengthen that foundation. 

Sports Leadership 1 – Focuses on giving students foundational leadership skills so that they can facilitate and coach others through serving the elementary physical education classes and recreational league.

Sports Leadership 2 – Uses the training and skills they have developed to lead ministry and outreach. Students are able to share Christ’s love at local Thai schools through sports and teaching English, and they can participate in trips to remote and unreached communities to share the Gospel through sports camps and development projects.


While impacting students and growing their leadership and sports skills is a worthy endeavor, we also value cultivating and engaging our local community. Experience has taught us time and time again that when you intentionally pursue and build into relationships, the Gospel can be shared in a very natural way. 

When it came to the build-out of our athletics complex, we prioritized the soccer fields and covered courts in an effort to reach the surrounding community through hosting co-sponsored events with a variety of schools and organizations. In the near future, we plan to open our athletic facilities to various ministries in Chiang Mai to help facilitate youth ministries and church gatherings. It is our vision that our impact goes beyond our students and out to an ever-expanding community by sharing the resources given to us. As we grow, our need for additional athletic facilities does too. We look forward to building the next stage which will include a field house and gymnasium that will provide numerous new opportunities. 

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Student talks to Thai kids while visiting a Thai school