Much of learning and growing happens outside of the classroom and so GIS provides multiple co-curricular opportunities for students to develop different skills and pursue their interests. Our co-curriculars include advisory groups, after-school clubs, student council, and more.


Student doing work on Chromebook in Tutorial


Tutorial is a common study hall time which affords students the opportunity to make up work, meet with faculty & staff and/or receive tutoring from teachers. Tutorial is a 25-minute period that is scheduled for once or twice a week for 7th–12th grade full-time students.

Students have a discussion with their teacher for Advisory


The purpose of advisory is for intentional, personal, whole-student care through a connection with a GIS staff member who will walk alongside and help students flourish within the context of the GIS Secondary. This is accomplished through building relationships while focusing on academics, spirituality, emotional, and social topics in group meetings. Advisory groups are made up of 7th–12th grade full-time students who meet once or twice a week for 25 minutes in the morning.

Students discuss their work during class


Homeroom is a common time in the school week set apart for students within each grade level to build community, interact with class leaders (StuCo and others), receive information and give feedback (including completing surveys), and to participate in planning for Secondary community events (Ministry Day, service, GIS class events, etc.) Homeroom is a 25 minute period that is scheduled for twice a month for 7th–12th grade full-time students. ESD students are also allowed to join with approval of the ESD Director & Secondary Principal.


Learning at Grace extends far beyond the walls of the classroom and the end of the school day. The commitment of GIS staff and bounty of our facilities allow students to fill their after-school hours in ways that continue to nurture intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical growth. After-school activities not only round out a Grace student’s education, but also help them form some of their strongest memories and lasting relationships. The extracurricular offerings at Grace aim to help GIS students

  • Understand their personal identity from God’s perspective
  • Cultivate healthy interpersonal relationships
  • Choose a balanced and healthy lifestyle


Below is a sampling of activities offered, though actual availability may vary by semester:

Elementary Clubs & Activities (Grade 3-6)

Elementary clubs run from September through November and February through April. Some clubs are grade-specific and some have a limited number of participants. If you have questions or want more information email us.

Secondary Clubs & Activities

If you have questions or want more information email us.


The Student Council at Grace International School exists to serve the secondary student body, administration, and Grace community. It facilitates communication between students and administration, provides community enrichment, builds community within Grace Secondary, and seeks to build school spirit within the whole community. Within the Student Council, students grow and train to model Christ-centered leadership through their actions and behavior.

The Student Council consists of two representatives elected from each grade level (7th–12th), four officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer), and one staff sponsor.

Together, they organize dances, parties, Tiger Pride Weeks (School Spirit Week), and music events to strengthen the unity, spirit, and character of our student body. Tiger Pride Week is usually twice a year when students dress up according to a daily theme and engage in competitions between the grades. Candy Grams are a week-long event where the student council organizes an opportunity for students and staff to send encouraging notes and candy to other students and/or staff on campus. Student Council also hosts dances twice a year for Grades 9–12, promoting high standards of Christian character by encouraging social development and interaction in such a way that it honors God while also providing students with an avenue to have fun. The Student Council invites staff and parents from the community to act as chaperones for such events. There is also a parallel middle school party that offers fun and games to 7th and 8th graders. For more information contact us.

Model United Nations prepare to present


MUN is an abbreviation for Model United Nations, in which students from different schools gather as participants to represent different countries and committees as a simulation of the actual UN. Through MUN, participants represent their chosen country to solve a topic or question they are given within their committee. Students can widen their spectrum of how they see the world by diving into different current issues happening throughout the world. MUN allows students to improve their writing, problem-solving ability, collaboration skills, critical thinking, public speech, research, and debate.



Are you one of the shy ones? One of the outgoing ones? One of the dramatic ones? Well, say no more and come join us on Wednesdays from 3:30–5:00 p.m.! Learn what goes on behind the scenes in the world of ACTING! Increase your drama know-how, improve your public speaking and just general performing-in-front-of-people skills and if you’re already talented in some of these areas, come and brush up on these abilities and share them with others. Here you’ll learn in a safe and encouraging environment, how to boldly express and communicate in a polished and entertaining way, challenge yourself and develop skills for a lifetime, sharpen your performance before auditions start for the school play and ultimately build your self-confidence! No experience is necessary and everyone from 7th–12th grades is welcome! 

Break a leg! (Not really, that would be super mean, but if you join this club you’ll find out why we always say that!)


Art Club is an opportunity for students who are interested in art to come together, share their ideas, skills, and knowledge with one another and grow as artists. Students get to use materials in the art room to make their own unique artworks. At the beginning of every meeting, one of the Art Club leaders gives a presentation sharing about one of their favorite artists or techniques. For the rest of the time, students are free to work individually or collaboratively on artwork of their choice. Students also have opportunities to contribute to any ongoing murals or larger projects for Art Chapel and other events. Art Club is a place for student artists to connect and inspire one another.

Students have fun creating abstract art during a station in Art Chapel


Plato, Abraham Lincoln, and Winston Churchill were all great men who have been immortalized in history, but they have more in common than just being famous. They were also excellent debaters. When you join Speech and Debate, you follow in the footsteps of world-changing figures such as these people. As you learn how to perfect your debates and give powerful speeches, you will also be learning valuable skills that will make you a better candidate for jobs and scholarships. Regardless of what you plan to do after high school, participating in Speech and Debate will help you learn life skills that will help you wherever you go, including clear communication, critical thinking, and excellent research skills. Furthermore, Speech and Debate is a very attractive extra-curricular for colleges to see on transcripts as many debate students are well prepared for college. 

Participating in a Speech and Debate club will help you learn more about the world around you as you debate political, ethical, and philosophical issues. However, you’ll also have a lot of fun debating more lighthearted topics such as the moral wrongdoings of Santa Claus, and the dangers of chocolate. Anyone from grades 7–12 is welcome to join, and no prior experience is needed!