The Grace cafeteria serves hot food daily, using fresh ingredients for healthy meals. The lunch program is available to all students in grades K–12, and a parent committee works with the cafeteria manager to develop menus and pricing.

Most days, Cafeteria lunches include at least two entrée choices, plus salad bar, soup, and fruit daily. On Monday, Wednesday, Friday the main entrée will be Thai; on Tuesday and Thursday, it will be a western dish with a secondary Thai option. Refer to the lunch menu for details. If a student has food allergies, the parent may contact Khun Judy at for a list of ingredients in the recipes.

The lunch prices include one second helping of a main entrée only. The school does not provide refrigeration or assistance for preparation (microwave, hot water, etc.) of lunches brought from home.


Student enjoys lunch in the Cafeteria
Fried chicken, sticky rice, and som tam is served for lunch
Cafeteria staff cook food for lunch for the staff and students

New Students

New students may eat in the cafeteria for the first week on a trial basis, without obligation to pay for the entire semester. The first week will feature an all-Thai menu to introduce your student to a wide variety of new foods.


Parents and guests do not need to inform the cafeteria of a visit ahead of time, unless there are more than 10 people in the guest party. The cost of a visitor meal is 80 baht for an adult and 60 baht for a child. Payment may be made at the front office or at the cafeteria office. Visitors need to show their receipt to the servers as they pick up their food.


Lunch fees can be paid on an annual or semester basis. Regardless of the payment plan, the first payment is due on August 15. If you cannot pay by Aug. 15, please inform the Finance Office by email to make other arrangements.


Students miss several meals per semester due to school sponsorship trips, sending organization activities, medical needs, or other valid reasons and this has been factored into the price. If a child misses more than 25 school days of the semester, the finance office may be able to discount the price.

Lunch Menu

Click this link to view the current Lunch Menu

Lunch Fees (2022–2023)

Grades K–2 Grades 3–5 Grades 6–12
PER YEAR 8,000 9,000 13,000
PER SEMESTER 4,000 4,500 6,500


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