GIS visual and performing arts invites students to belong and contribute to an artistic community that affirms their identity as image-bearers of a creative Maker. We equip students to explore, discover, create, and perform as a means to glorify and worship God as well as inspire students to continue as lifelong artists who possess the vision and competency to connect, cultivate, and impact entire communities. For more information on our visual and performing arts courses, please refer to our academic course handbook.


In our band program, students will learn proper instrument assembly and maintenance, music fundamentals, and instrument-specific performance technique. Students are given the opportunity to learn and perform music from different styles and periods at a different level. We offer concert band pieces in grades 1–2.5 for middle school band and concert band pieces in grades 2–4 for high school band. A more specified course called Honors Jazz Band is available for experienced students in the study of jazz terminology and a variety of jazz styles with improvisation being an integral part of the class. All band students are given an opportunity to to perform in front of an audience and participate in music festivals throughout the school year.

Student performs a solo during the choir concert


In our choir program, students are introduced to proper vocal techniques and given the opportunity to learn and perform music from different styles and periods. We offer an advanced choir class called Honors Chanson Ensemble for experienced students who aim to build their skills and confidence in vocal techniques, sight reading, and solo performance. All choir students are given the opportunity to perform in front of an audience throughout the school year.


Our visual arts program provides students with tools and opportunities to develop their objective and creative skill sets in order to move toward deeper thinking and personal investigation and expression in their work. For middle school students, we offer Art Exploration 1 and 2. For high school, we offer Drawing, Painting, Honors Studio Art, AP Drawing, and AP 2D Art. Students also get the opportunity to showcase their art in the annual GIS Art Show as well as Art Chapel, a yearly special chapel event where the art students get to lead their peers in how to worship and connect to God through visual art.